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Conditions treated include:

• Back and neck pain resulting from arthritis in the small spine joints

• Radicular pain (arm and leg pain due to pinched nerves)

• Herniated intervertebral disc pain (e.g. slipped discs, pinched nerves)

• Facetogenic pain (spine pain resulting from arthritis in the small spine joints)

• Intervertebral disc pain from degenerated disc disease

• Spinal stenosis pain

• Back and limb pain after spine surgery (failed back surgical syndrome)

• Back pain due to vertebral compression fractures

• Sacroiliac joint pain

• Joint pain (knee, hip and shoulder pain)

• Headaches (e.g. cervicogenic headaches, migraines, occipital neuralgia)

• Facial pain (e.g. trigeminal neuralgia, atypical facial pain)

• Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

OMC’s pain interventional management procedures include:

Facet joint procedures for spine pain

Epidural procedures for spine, leg or arm pain

Sacroiliac (SI) procedures

Spine Neuromodulation (Spinal cord stimulation trials and implants)

Sympathetic Nerve Procedures

• Stellate ganglion nerve blocks

• Celiac plexus nerve blocks and neurolysis

• Lumbar sympathetic blocks

Knee Procedures

• Knee injections

• Genicular nerve blocks and radiofrequency ablations (for knee pain after total knee replacements)

Hip Procedures

• Intraarticular hip injections

• Nerve block and denervation of the articular branches of the femoral and obturator nerves.

Vertebral Augmentation Procedures

Head and Neck Procedures

• Cervical Medial Branch blocks and radiofrequency ablations for cervicogenic


• Trigeminal (Gasserian) ganglion nerve blocks and pulsed stimulation

• Sphenopalatine ganglion blocks and pulsed stimulation

• Occipital nerve blocks

Most pain management services are for spine care and other musculoskeletal pain relief following surgery or as a result of chronic conditions. Pain management is routinely coordinated with OMC's rehabilitation services (physical therapy).

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