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Pam's Story

“Being good to myself and feeling good about who I am makes everything better,” explains Pam. “The attitude you have about yourself reflects on everything you do and on all the people in your life.”

Pam’s wellness journey started more than a year ago, when she began experiencing health problems. Through the assistance of Olmsted Medical Center’s former Center for Weight Loss and Wellness, she shed 106 pounds. “It wasn’t a diet, it was a journey,” says Pam. “You need to explore why you struggle and behave the way you do and deal with it … then it becomes a sustainable life change.” She credits OMC’s Health Management Resources team with providing the resources and support necessary to achieve her wellness goals.

While Pam felt fabulous for losing weight while eating healthy and exercising, there was a residual effect. “I had all this excess skin,” she says. “I guess older skin doesn’t have the greatest elasticity and despite regular exercising, the skin wasn’t shrinking. And I really felt that if I didn’t lose the skin, my head would tell me to fill it back up!”

One of Pam’s friends mentioned Dr. Babovic and his Plastic Surgery team at Olmsted Medical Center. “It was embarrassing that my daycare kids would play with the skin hanging off my arms,” recalls Pam. “They liked to slap at it and make it jiggle back and forth.”

There were other areas of Pam’s body with which she was not comfortable either – and it wasn’t vanity as much as it was practicality. “You know actresses and actors give cosmetic surgery a bad rap,” says Pam. “I just wanted to feel good about my weight loss and myself; to be able to look in the mirror and be proud of my body.”

“Dr. B and his staff were wonderful and supportive,” remembers Pam. “They knew how important this decision was to me to have the excessive skin removed – therefore, it became important to the entire team.”

Pam had body contouring done on her arms, stomach and buttocks. “The whole experience was amazing,” recalls Pam. “When I looked at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, I cried because I was so proud.”

“Because of the team’s friendliness, welcoming environment and strong support, I am feeling wonderful about myself and my body,” says Pam.

“People spend money on what they need,” explains Pam. “And they spend money on what’s important to them … I decided I was important enough to put myself in my budget and invest in my well-being and self-esteem.”

Today, Pam has changed the approach to her daycare business as well, serving healthier meals and incorporating exercise into the children’s daily schedule. “Because of my experience, my daycare kids are healthier too.”

Pam wants to “pay it forward” and tell people to take care of themselves. “You are definitely worth it and the investment pays great dividends,” she says.

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