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Our Sports Medicine & Athletic Performance Facility

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The Olmsted Medical Center Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance (SMAP) facility is open to the public. Athletes don't need to be OMC patients to participate in the performance enhancement programs.

Surgical operations do not take place at the facility and are, instead, located at Olmsted Medical Center's hospital at 1650 Fourth Street SE, Rochester, MN.

Hours of Operation

The sports medicine hours of operation are when clinical staff is available to see patients related to sports medicine clinical services. The athletic performance hours of operation are when athletic performance programming such as hockey, running, throwing, hitting, group training and personal training are available.

Sports Medicine Clinical Office Hours

Monday–Thursday: 7:30 AM – 6:30 PM; Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM; Closed Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Athletic Performance Facility Hours

Please call us at 507.535.1977 (Monday-Friday), e-mail, or use our Contact Us form to get the latest hours.

Program Registration

Programs are available to the public through registration. We do offer a monthly membership for unlimited group fitness classes, or you can choose to just drop in and pay as you go. If you're interested in registering for athletic performance services or signing up for group fitness classes, visit MindBody, our secure sports medicine and athletic performance online store and scheduler or give us a call.

Insurance Information

Most personal injury/liability insurance policies should cover activities at this facility, but please check with your policy provider to verify your coverage. All program participants or their legal guardian(s) are required to sign a release of liability before using the facility.

Equipment Use

Olmsted Medical Center provides equipment such as baseball/softball bats, batting helmets, gloves, hockey pucks, golf balls, basketballs and volleyballs. Some programs, however, may require specific apparel or equipment. For more details regarding program requirements for clothing and equipment, please refer to our program descriptions or give us a call.

Equipment for Sale

We offer a limited assortment of equipment related to sports medicine and athletic performance. Contact us for more details on the products available.

Facility Amenities

The facility is equipped with men's and women's locker rooms offering restrooms, private showers, and individual lockers. If you're interested in securing your belongings during your time at the facility, please make sure to bring a lock.

Facility Rental

The SMAP facility is available for rental for athletic events and competitions. Please contact the facility for details.

Directions to the Facility

We're located just west of the Douglas Trail's intersection with 55th Street NW. And Rochester city bus service has extended its routes to serve this location. We offer ample parking for both vehicles and bicycles.

Have a Question?

Call us at 507.535.1977 or submit a question online using our Contact Us form.

Connect with us on Social Media

We invite you to visit our Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance Facebook page, Instagram account, or YouTube playlist.


Sign Up for a Program or get on our mailing list.

Find program descriptions, fee information, and online scheduling at MindBody, our secure sports medicine and athletic performance portal.  You are also able to sign up to be on our mailing list through MindBody.

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