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Golf Performance Enhancement

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Olmsted Medical Center offers a unique program specifically for golfers. The Golf Enhancement Program will identify any physical limitations, correlate those findings to your swing technique, and prescribe a custom conditioning program that will improve your body's normal movement patterns and golf game.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)-Certified Instructor

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is the leader in research and data on golf fitness, health, and swing biomechanics. TPI has identified key movement components that are essential to an efficient swing. Correcting deficiencies and improving the ability to move creates less stress on the body. This in turn can also lower the risk for injury, while improving the fundamentals of the swing.

OMC’s TPI-certified instructor has completed an intensive certification process and has access to the newest and most up-to-date information. Your golf trainer will use the TPI physical screening process and video analysis to identify physical limitations that may hinder an efficient golf swing so you can work to improve it.

NOTE: The OMC golf program is designed for golf performance improvement, not injury rehabilitation. To learn more about healing sports injuries that may be affecting your golf game, check out our sports medicine services.

Golf Performance Evaluation & Physical Movement Screening

An OMC golf fitness instructor will evaluate each golfer. A physical movement screen will assess the vital movements of the golf swing. This will identify deficiencies in:

  • body awareness
  • coordination
  • mobility
  • stability
  • strength
  • balance

Video Analysis of Your Movement Screening

A two-dimensional video analysis will correlate findings from the physical movement screen as it relates to the 12 most common swing faults.

Customized Golf Training & Fitness Program

After the evaluation and screen, OMC’s golf instructor will design a personalized fitness program. This program can help you improve any problems identified. This will translate into:

  • better, more efficient golf swing
  • improved and consistent ball contact
  • lower golf scores
  • better appreciation for the game
  • reducing risk of injury

Golf Enhancement Program Packages

Expand any of the packages below to read a brief description.

Golf Training for New Clients

(1) Initial screen and set-up on the website (60-90 minutes)
(1) Follow up/screen (45-60 minutes)
(18) Web-based sessions

Golf Training for Current OMC Rehabilitation Services Patients

(1) Follow-up and set-up on the website (if not already on)
(1) Follow-up/screen (45-60 minutes)
(18) Web-based sessions

Six Golf Training Visits

(1) Initial screen with swing analysis (60-90 minutes)
(4) 1:1 follow-up/training sessions (45-60 minutes)
(1) Final screen

A la Carte Golf Training Options

1:1 Extra follow-up session (60 minutes)
1:1 Follow-up/screen and 18 Web-based sessions (45-60 minutes)

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