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Running Technique Instruction 

Up to 65% of all runners will have an injury at some point. And many of these injuries are from training the wrong way. Whether you are recovering from an injury or just want to run better, our experts can help you reach the next level.

The OMC Running Program can help you heal faster and help correct problems to lower the risk of injury.

Running Technique Improvement & Injury Prevention

A licensed physical therapist (PT) evaluates each runner. Your evaluation will include:

  • History and running program review
  • Muscle and joint exam to identify problems with movement, flexibility, strength, and alignment
  • Video analysis
  • Home program and treatment
  • Individualized plan for:
    • Health problems (if needed)
    • Training and cross training
    • Running technique
    • Foot wear

Video Analysis of Your Athletic Performance

Video software shows you and your therapist specific measurements for your joint motion, alignment, and running mechanics. You can also use the software to track progress at follow-up visits.

Custom Follow-Up

Custom follow-up visits will allow for further video analysis and progression of home exercises to improve your running technique.

Running Program Insurance Information

OMC’s physical therapy caregivers are experts in movement. Many health plans cover physical therapy visits if you have a referral from your healthcare provider. You do not need a referral to participate in this program, but runners will be responsible for program costs not covered by their health plans.

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