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Perinatal & Prenatal Classes

These unique classes are for expectant moms, women who recently delivered, and babies! Each class focuses on a different combination of activities designed either to prepare you and your baby for childbirth or to help you remain active following your baby's arrival.

Please review each class description carefully, as some require your healthcare provider's approval in order to register/participate.

Core Mama

This class is designed for women who have:

  • given birth (vaginally or via caesarean section) within the last 12 months
  • the desire to learn about postpartum muscle recovery, nutrition, and emotional wellness.

This education-based class targets the body's core with a combination of physical exercise and basic strength circuit-training. The class also features resources on nutritional and emotional wellness.

Mothers are encouraged to bring their baby to the classes—we will help you safely use your baby to lose any extra weight you gained during pregnancy.

NOTE: Class attendees must have their healthcare providers' approval in order to participate in this class.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is designed for women during pregnancy and before birth. This class will help you support your body during pregnancy, mentally and physically prepare your body for birth, nurture yourself, connect to your baby, and interact with other moms-to-be. During this class you will:

  • perform yoga sequences that will help alleviate common discomforts experienced during pregnancy such as back pain, nausea, swelling, and varicose veins
  • learn meditation and breathing techniques to calmly guide you through the birth process.

Beginners are welcome and no previous yoga experience is required.

Before registering for this class, please talk with your healthcare provider about whether yoga is right for you.

Please bring two pillows and a blanket from home for added comfort during the class.

Have a question? Need more information? Call us at 507.535.1977 or use our Contact Us form.

Once you've found the class for you, visit MindBody, our secure sports medicine and athletic performance scheduler, to create your free account and register!

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