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Our Services

In addition to group and individual classes, OMC offers the following support services. Expand any of the following topics to learn more:

Prenatal & Family Education Classes

Our prenatal education classes are up-to-date and practical. They will:

  • increase knowledge in order to make informed decisions during pregnancy, birth and beyond; increasing the satisfaction of the birth experience
  • develop parent’s trust in the birthing process and the mother’s inner wisdom to guide her through birth
  • encourage attachment between mother and baby during pregnancy and after birth to develop a healthy family
  • help siblings prepare for the arrival of the new baby.

Browse and sign up online for upcoming prenatal and family education classes and events.

For expectant moms, women who recently delivered, and babies we also offer two classes: Core Mama and Prenatal Yoga! Each class focuses on a different combination of activities designed either to prepare you and your baby for childbirth or to help you remain active following your baby's arrival. More information can be found on our Perinatal & Prenatal Classes page.

Free BirthCenter Tours

In preparation for your birth experience, visiting and gathering information about the BirthCenter can ease the stress and anxiety of the unknown. OMC offers free tours of the BirthCenter through individual appointments.

During your visit, you receive information about the BirthCenter, a detailed tour of the various areas of the BirthCenter, what to expect when you first arrive, and options available to you during your stay. If you are deciding where to experience your birth and would like a free BirthCenter tour, please call us at 507.529.6759.

Doula Care (by referral only)

A doula accompanies the woman and her partner in labor; provides continuous emotional and physical support; and suggests positioning and comfort measures. She may explain and discuss practices and procedures to assist women in acquiring the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions. Women are referred by their healthcare provider for OMC doula services. An adoption doula care program is available for women making an adoption plan. Call 507.529.6759 for more information.

Prenatal Education Library

This service is for patients who are unable to attend classes, but want practical prenatal information. Videos on pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and newborn care are available on a loan basis. Many of our selections are offered in both English and Spanish. Call 507.529.6759 to set up a time to view or borrow videos.

Bedrest Resources & Support

Pregnant women who need to stay in bed at home or at the hospital can now borrow a basket created just for them! A loaned basket of videos, educational material, and special goodies are yours to help you pass time and prepare as you await the arrival of your baby. Call 507.529.6759 to receive your complimentary Bedrest Basket, which is available in English or Spanish versions.

Car Seat Inspections

Prenatal & Family Education’s Certified Passenger Safety Technicians offer car seat inspections through individual appointments. Call 507.529.6759 to set up an appointment or browse and sign up online for upcoming prenatal and family education opportunities.

Contact Us

Interested in learning more about prenatal and family education services offered by Olmsted Medical Center? Talk with your primary healthcare provider or call 507.529.6759. You also can browse and sign up for upcoming prenatal and family education opportunities.

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