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Fall 2017


  • Expert Care for Your Ears, Nose, and Throat

  • Scheduling a Mammogram at OMC

  • Healing and Training Athletes of All Ages

  • Telephone Directory

  • Olive the Goose Had Her Babies!

Summer 2017


  • OMC’s Neurology Department Expands Services to Meet Patients’ Needs

  • ENT at Olmsted Medical Center

  • How to Refill Your Medicine

  • Congratulations to the OMC Caring Partners Volunteer Program

  • Click Your Way to Care

Spring 2017


  • Good Sleep is No Longer Just a Dream

  • 3D Mammography Now Available at OMC

  • Meet the Plastic Surgery Providers

  • Plastic Surgery to Host Information Session

  • Health Questions? Visit OMC’s Online Health Library

  • Mother’s Milk Depot Opens at Women’s Health Pavilion

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