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FAQs—Sending Secure Messages using MyOMC

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MyOMC Patient Portal Tip

When creating a secure message using MyOMC portal, remember to write as clearly and specifically as you can. This will increase the likelihood that your OMC caregiver will provide you with an appropriate response. 

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How do I send a message to OMC using the messaging feature in MyOMC portal?

It’s easy; just log in to your MyOMC portal account. From the My Patient page, select one of the secure message options: Request My OMC Records, Ask a Question About My Health, or Respond to My Healthcare Provider. Follow the prompts and fill in the required fields to submit your question. The message will be routed to the appropriate OMC caregiver.

What are the benefits of sending a message to OMC using MyOMC portal?

Using MyOMC portal, patients can ask OMC a question at their convenience any time of day. Patients can also easily request their OMC health records, and OMC will send them back electronically.

Will the messages I send to OMC using MyOMC portal be included in my medical record?

Yes, all messages sent to OMC using MyOMC portal will become part of your official medical record. Messages sent to you from OMC to your MyOMC portal account will also become part of your official medical record.

Can I ask a question about a minor or dependent?

Patients using their MyOMC portal account to send a message to OMC can only ask questions about their healthcare. OMC cannot answer questions about minor/dependents that are asked using a parent’s/guardian’s MyOMC portal account. Parents/guardians can ask questions about a minor/dependent using the minor’s/dependent’s MyOMC portal account. A parent/guardian can set up an account for a minor/dependent using their preferred e-mail address.

Should I use the portal to ask a question regarding an urgent medical issue?

No. If you have an urgent medical issue or an emergency, please call 911 immediately.

What types of questions are appropriate to ask using the messaging feature in MyOMC portal?

MyOMC portal offers three ways to ask OMC a question. You can:

1. ask a question about your health

2. request your OMC records

3. respond to your healthcare provider.

If you would like to request your OMC records, select Request My OMC Records. Please be specific about what you are requesting. For example, request recent laboratory results such as blood sugar or blood pressure results, your last three visit summaries, or a doctor’s visit note from a specific date or date range. You can also request your immunization history from as far back as August 2005.

Do you have a question about your health that you’d like to ask your OMC caregiver? Use the Ask a Question About My Health option. For example, do you have a question about a medication that was recently prescribed?

Has OMC sent you a message through your MyOMC portal account that you would like to respond to? If so, select the Respond to My Healthcare Provider option to respond via MyOMC portal.

How long will it take to receive a response from OMC using the messaging feature in MyOMC portal?

Please allow one business day for a response from OMC.

Are the messages I send to OMC using MyOMC portal secure?

As a healthcare entity, we strive to safeguard and protect your healthcare information. OMC takes extreme care to ensure all information shared through MyOMC patient portal is protected and treated as confidential.

Who can I contact if I need help sending OMC a message using MyOMC portal?

Contact OMC at 507.287.2780 to receive assistance sending OMC a message using MyOMC portal.

What should I do if I want to ask OMC a question and I don’t want to send an e-mail?

Contact OMC at 507.288.3443 and ask for the caregiver or department you wish to speak to.

How will OMC respond to a message using MyOMC portal?

OMC will respond to your message via MyOMC portal. In the event that a question is complex, an OMC caregiver may contact you by phone to discuss your question.

What can I expect to receive if I request my medical records using MyOMC portal?

When requesting your medical records, we ask that you are specific when making your request. For example, you can request medical records such as lab results, doctors’ visit notes, immunizations, visit summaries, or continuity of care documents (a continuity of care document may contain a current medication list, allergies, immunizations, vitals, and diagnostic test results). 

Being specific when making your request will help OMC caregivers send exactly what you requested. When OMC has sent the requested medical records, you will receive an e-mail in the inbox of the e-mail account you used to set up your MyOMC portal account. 

If you are a parent or guardian of a minor, you must use the minor’s MyOMC portal account to request medical records. To protect patients' privacy and information security, OMC will not send a medical record to a portal account that does not belong to the patient whose records are being requested.

Can I have my entire medical record sent to me through the MyOMC Portal?

If you would like to request your entire medical record, you may need to complete the release of information process. Information about this process can be found in our Privacy and Releases section. If you would prefer to contact OMC Health Information Management by phone, call  507.287.2752 Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

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