Board Leadership

Oversight and the strategic direction of Olmsted Medical Center is provided by a Board of Trustees, whose primary function is to see that OMC serves the public interest.

Board of Trustees

Name and Designation

James Hoffmann, DO, President

Tim Weir, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer 

Tamara Alexandrov, MD, Clinic Trustee

Maral Kenderian, MD, Clinic Trustee

Keith Kleis, DO, Clinic Trustee

Cassie Harrington, Public Trustee – Chair

Jay Hesley, Public Trustee – Past-Chair

Mike Malugani, Public Trustee – Chair-Elect

Andrea Chapman, Public Trustee

Carole Nistler, MD, Public Trustee

Wendy Shannon, Public Trustee

Don Supalla, Public Trustee

Michael Tuohy, Public Trustee

Updated: 6/22/22