Branding and Identity Standards

The Visual Identity of Olmsted Medical Center

The adoption and introduction of OMC’s visual identity (logomark) and tagline (motto) were the culmination of years of internal discussions, consensus building, consumer focus groups, brand positioning, design exploration, more consensus building, and consumer and employee surveys. OMC’s strategic marketing committee was involved each step of the way and championed the new visual identity we adopted in late 2007.

Our visual identity reflects our brand position—it symbolizes what Olmsted Medical Center is known for and how OMC is different in its marketplace. According to our market/consumer research, OMC's brand is characterized by the high level of personal attention our patients receive. Many identify our brand with the greater access our patients often have to experienced caregivers. We're well known for providing free parking at nearly all of our locations. Many of our providers have cared for multiple generations of the same families. And, we have a solid reputation in southeastern Minnesota for providing personal, compassionate care by experienced professionals using advanced medical technology.

Our Logo

Our logo is composed of two abstract figures embracing each other. The logomark can be interpreted as Olmsted Medical Center reaching out to the community, as two people caring for each other, or as a parent caring for a child. It also represents the spirit in which our caregivers relate to each other. Regardless of the interpretation, the logomark reflects our mission, as well as the brand position we have earned in southeastern Minnesota.

We explored a number of color options for the logo; the preferred choice among consumers and employees was warm blues. Blue is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, and truth. Blue is also associated with health and healing.

Olmsted Medical Center Logo and Tagline

Our Tagline (Motto)

Our tagline "Good health starts with great care" also was carefully researched and tested to make sure it reflects the position and mission of Olmsted Medical Center. We believe, and our patients tell us, that good health starts with great care.

A second tagline accompanying all public-awareness materials featuring stories from OMC patients is "the story of our patients is the story of us." We're here to serve our patients, and their individual, personal experiences demonstrate how we do that.

Trademark/Registration Protection

Olmsted Medical Center's logo is a registered trademark in the State of Minnesota. The tagline is registered with the Federal trademark office. Any use of any version of these elements by outside organizations must be pre-approved by the organization's marketing and communications department, and is contingent upon observance of Olmsted Medical Center's identity standards.

OMC Identity and Editorial Standards Manual

If you need information related to using the OMC logo and tagline, call 507.292.7203.