Diversity at Olmsted Medical Center

Olmsted Medical Center is a not-for-profit healthcare organization committed to serving patients of all backgrounds and providing equal opportunities for all healthcare practitioners and other staff who serve our patients.

At OMC, we believe that diversity is the co-existence of characteristics or attributes that makes individuals unique. Diversity includes a wide spectrum of attributes like age, race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, language, physical ability, religion, socio-economic circumstances, educational background, and life experiences.

We also believe individuals' unique characteristics should not isolate people from the whole or associate people with the "other" in a way that encourages bias, stereotype, prejudice, and/or discrimination. At Olmsted Medical Center, we embrace individuality that does not interfere with effective job performance, and we promote diversity that enhances our ability to serve our patients in a caring, courteous, responsive, respectful way.

Our Commitment
Olmsted Medical Center respects and values the individuality of all patients and employees. We know that valuing diversity is important for quality patient care and for our continuing success. OMC does not tolerate discrimination, and OMC team members hold each other accountable in this commitment. This commitment is consistent with Olmsted Medical Center's Core Values and supported by OMC’s leadership.

Our commitment is upheld and demonstrated in the following ways:

For Our Employees
We recruit and hire a diverse workforce to reflect the communities we serve. We value the capabilities, contributions, and perspectives of unique individuals. Our employees are respectful of each other as colleagues, and they listen and respond to the diverse needs of our patients.

For Our Patients
We welcome patients into our hospital, clinics, and other healthcare service locations. We aim to serve their diverse needs in a friendly, welcoming manner. We strive to provide comfortable patient care settings that are easily accessible.

For Our Success
Committing to diversity is necessary for our success as a not-for-profit, integrated healthcare organization serving southeastern Minnesota. We retain talented individuals from diverse backgrounds by ensuring that employees are acknowledged for their contributions to the organization. We encourage innovation, and teams of employees work together, sharing their talents and expertise, to serve the diverse needs of our growing patient base. We believe that our continuing tradition of caring—for patients of all backgrounds—earns Olmsted Medical Center its reputation as "a friend of the family."

Equal Employment Opportunity
Discrimination based upon race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or other characteristics protected by law is not tolerated at Olmsted Medical Center. In addition to prohibiting such discrimination, we strive to create an environment that recognizes the value of diversity and enhances the opportunity for success of all employees, regardless of their differences.