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Anti-coagulation Clinic

OMC’s anticoagulation services help patients monitor and manage the medications they take to prevent blood clots.

Blood thinning medications are necessary to treat certain medical conditions, but are dangerous if not closely monitored. To prevent strokes, blood clots, or excessive bleeding, regular monitoring ensures patients safely tolerate anti-clotting medications.

Currently, OMC’s Anticoagulation Clinic provides monitoring for more than 1,000 patients who are on blood-thinning medications. Collectively, the nurses providing care have 100+ years of nursing experience, with special training in anticoagulation.

Patients managed by OMC’s Anticoagulation Clinic experience fewer incidences of bleeding and harmful clot formation.

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Interested in learning more about anticoagulation services offered by Olmsted Medical Center? After reviewing our services, talk with your primary healthcare provider.

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