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Athletic Performance Services

Sports Performance Services

Olmsted Medical Center's sports performance services are for all athletes, all sports, and all ages.

Our programs include:

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Sports Medicine & Athletic Performance

OMC's Sports Medicine & Athletic Performance is staffed with healthcare providers and specially trained coaches to benefit individuals and teams. They will help you to improve your athletic performance and reach your training goals. Our high-energy environment—including services for baseball and softball training, hockey training, weight training, fitness and more—can help you learn, maintain, or improve your performance goals. All athletes, all sports, all ages.

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Sports Performance Program Participation

Olmsted Medical Center offers athletic performance programming for all ages. Most programs, however, are designed for the athlete only. There are select programs offered that both a parent and child can participate in together. In this case, both the parent and child would need to be registered for the program. Parents/guardians who are not registered for a program but would like to stay at the facility during their child's training session can wait in the spacious waiting room.

Insurance Eligibility

Athletic performance services are out-of-pocket services and not covered by insurance. For more information on program pricing, visit MindBody, our secure online scheduler, or give us a call.

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Call us at 507.535.1977 or submit a question online using our Contact Us form.

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Find program descriptions, fee information, and online scheduling at MindBody, our secure sports medicine and athletic performance portal.  You are also able to sign up to be on our mailing list through MindBody.

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