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Baseball & Softball Throwing Instruction

Olmsted Medical Center's program specifically for throwers emphasizes improving the body’s normal movement patterns as it relates to the act of throwing.

The Importance of Proper Throwing Technique

By improving the body’s ability to throw more efficiently, the body is not required to work and undergo undue stress, thus reducing risk for potential injury while improving the fundamentals of the throwing mechanics.

Expert Throwing Evaluation

An OMC throwing specialist will evaluate each thrower’s normal body mechanics and utilize a physical movement screen involving the vital movements of the throwing action. The screen is intended to identify any deficiencies in the thrower’s current body awareness, coordination, mobility, stability, strength, and balance. A 2-D video analysis will also be utilized to correlate findings from the physical screen.

One-on-One Throwing Performance Training

Upon completion of the detailed evaluation and screen, your instructor will design a customized fitness program to help you improve any identified deficiencies. This will translate into a better, more efficient throwing motion, improved and potentially more consistent ball placement, potentially increased ball velocities, and a better appreciation for the game, all while reducing risk of injury.

During further follow-up sessions, your trainer will track your progress, make adjustments to your training based on your performance, and provide additional exercises for further improvement.

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