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Sports Performance Training

Improve your athletic performance and fitness in a wide range of programs at Olmsted Medical Center.

Improved Athletic Performance & Injury Prevention

Choose one of the following programs to help you improve your sports performance and prevent future injuries.

Speed, Agility & Quickness Training

This class is the perfect complement to strength training for male and female athletes age 13 years and older. The class helps athletes improve sprint speed, lateral quickness, vertical jump, reaction, and change of direction. The class is ideal for male and female athletes looking to improve their sports performance.

Youth Speed, Agility & Quickness Training

Open to male and female athletes 10–12 years old, this is a great program to introduce young athletes to training for improved performance in a fun atmosphere. Participants will learn the basic fundamentals of running, change of direction, jumping, and foot movement.

Off-Season Conditioning

This program uses sport-specific resistance training and conditioning activities to help athletes ages 13–22 build strength during the off season and reduce the risk of sports-related injuries. Our strength and conditioning coaches focus on proper form and technique while using the resistance and sport-specific conditioning equipment in our gym and weight room. This program uses the EliteForm® electronic training system, which allows the strength coach to accurately measure bar speed and power output. This state-of-the-art resistance program results in more powerful athletes.

Personal Training for Fitness & Sports Performance

Personal training is an ideal investment for those new to conditioning or who want to take their fitness to the next level. Personal training can be for enhancing a specific sport performance or for general improved fitness. Our staff of certified trainers will tailor your program based on your needs and goals.

All individuals in personal training will be given a functional movement screen (FMS) during their initial session. Your personal training session will keep you focused, making your time efficient and effective. We offer complimentary fitness consultations to first-time clients. 

Personal training can be purchased in groups of up to six athletes.

Preseason Conditioning

This program is designed to help athletes ages 13–22 maintain strength gains made during the off season and focus on conditioning for competition. The focus is resistance circuit training and conditioning specific to your sport with the objectives of improving movement and reducing the risk of sports injuries. Our strength and conditioning coaches focus on proper form and technique during training and will use the EliteForm® electronic training system, gym, weight room, and the Blade Hockey Treadmill for sport-specific conditioning.

Session Length


Session Time



75 minutes



75 minutes



75 minutes



75 minutes

Trainee Feedback

Image of a Compass Needle Pointing to Confidence

"It was really hard work, but worth it. I thought it was tough and pushed me to my limits. It was probably one of the most beneficial things I've ever done." —Eliza

"Wow. My kid is having a great experience with OMC's training. It truly is more individual attention than I ever expected." —Coach Dad

“OMC gave us a great opportunity to better our game and say in shape during the off season.” —Amanda

"My daughter said she loves how OMC trainers push them. There is no mess-around time, which is what she hates about volleyball practice at school. She already sees how this is going to help her in volleyball and physically in her regular life." —Coach Mom

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