Evidence-Based Programming 

Psychological consultation may be recommended as a way to address a variety of emotional concerns that may arise as part of aging and life transitions.  Psychotherapy (talk therapy) utilizing evidence based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can help people develop skills that enhance quality of life.

Tai Ji Quan is an evidence-based community exercise program, that reduces the risk of falls. Exercises improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility, and mobility. The program is designed for older adults, and includes a warm-up, slow and flowing exercise forms, and a cool-down.  The program is delivered in 24 one-hour sessions and is held via Zoom.

Powerful Tools for caregivers is an evidence- based community class. This caregiver class provides you with tools and strategies to better handle the unique caregiver challenges you face. Caregiver classes meet once a week for six weeks and each class is 90-minutes for caregivers of adults with chronic conditions.