Breast Surgery

Expect skilled surgical care from the breast health experts at Olmsted Medical Center (OMC). You may have diagnostic surgery on the breast after a mammogram to check for signs of cancer, or surgery to treat cancer.

Breast Cancer Surgery

Talk to your care team about the procedure that's right for you. OMC offers two main options for breast cancer surgery:

Breast-Conserving Surgery (Lumpectomy)

During surgery, part of your breast that has the tumor (the “lump”) is taken from the breast. Lymph nodes, small organs that are part of the immune system, may also need to be removed from the area under the arm.

A lumpectomy typically is outpatient surgery. This means you'll come to the healthcare facility for surgery and be able to go home afterward. The removed tissue will be tested in our lab. Depend on your surgeon to follow up with you about the test results.


In this operation, the whole breast is removed. Your surgeon will take out the affected breast and lymph nodes if needed. You'll stay in the hospital overnight for care.

Breast Reconstruction

You may have reconstructive surgery to improve the look of the breast or to create a new breast. Reconstruction may be done at the time of your first surgery or in the future.

After Breast Surgery

You and your care team will work together to determine other treatments, such as hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, or both.