Infusion Therapy Services

Fireplace in the Infusion Therapy Services areaInfusion (IV) therapy involves the administration of medication through a needle or catheter.

This therapy is prescribed when a patient’s condition cannot be treated effectively by oral medication. Typically, infusion therapy means that a drug is administered through a vein. The term may also refer to a situation where drugs are provided through other non-oral routes, such as injections in a muscle.

Medications such as antibiotics, cancer drugs, and other specialty medications can be delivered by infusion therapy. In some cases, when patients need more fluids, infusion therapy can be used for hydration.

What if I need labs?

Some people need blood tests before treatment. If you do, check in at the lab/radiology desk (Main level at the OMC hospital). Please sit in the lab/radiology waiting area until a staff member comes to get you. Tell the lab/radiology desk staff if you have been waiting more than 15 minutes.

Who to call?

If you are not sure about your infusion or have not fully discussed it with your provider, please call their office to answer any questions you have before you schedule your infusion. If you have questions about your scheduled infusion, we would be happy to speak with you. The infusion nurses are available from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM at 507.529.6936.

Will there be a doctor around if I have a reaction or need something?

There will be a licensed medical provider nearby during business hours. The Infusion Therapy Services provider can only treat issues relating to the infusion. They cannot take care of other medical issues such as a sore throat or medication refills.