Frequently Asked Questions

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How do patients get an appointment with neurology?

A patient may make an appointment directly with neurology. In some cases, a patient’s primary healthcare provider may refer them for a neurology consult; or they may be seen in neurology as a follow-up appointment from an emergency room visit when necessary.

Does OMC offer injections for headache treatments?

Yes. OMC offers Botox injections for migraines, as well as greater occipital nerve blocks for other types of head pain. If other treatments are necessary and not offered at OMC, we'll make an appropriate referral.

Are any neurology support groups hosted at OMC?

Yes, a Multiple Sclerosis support group meets the first Wednesday of each month at OMC’s Northwest Clinic from 5:30-6:30 PM. The support group shares best practices in care, discusses new treatment options, and facilitates connections with others for support. Anyone is welcome to attend (e.g., non-OMC patients, family members). A light meal is provided for attendees, so please RSVP by the Monday before the meeting to 507.292.7090.

What special tests does OMC offer to support neurology care?

OMC offers both electromyogram or EMG (nerve and muscle conduction) and electroencephalography or EEG (electrical brain activity) to assist in diagnosing neurological disorders.