Refill Your Prescription

Enjoy a wide range of options to refill your prescription when you choose Olmsted Medical Center (OMC) for pharmacy services.

How to Refill Your Prescription

If you're out of refills, call your pharmacy location first. Your pharmacist will fax a request for more refills to your healthcare provider. Refills may take up to seven business days.

You can now fill your prescriptions at OMC's pharmacies by using RxLocal. It is available as an app for your mobile phone or as a website from your desktop computer. To download the app, visit your phone's app store. To create account, you can go to the RxLocal login page. 

Tips for filling or refilling your medicine include:

  • Order your refill(s) seven to ten days before you're out of medicine
  • Have your medication label with you when you call to verify you're taking the correct doses.
  • Get your prescriptions refilled at the same time to avoid additional multiple trips to the pharmacy. Ask your pharmacist how he/she can help.
  • If you use a different pharmacy and would like to switch to OMC, talk with your current pharmacy about moving your prescription refills to OMC. Then, ask your care provider to send future prescriptions to your new OMC pharmacy location.

Narcotic Refills

You can complete your prescription refill for chronic (long-term) narcotic drugs Monday through Thursday. Because these medicines have a risk of dependence and abuse, OMC doesn't offer refills for lost or damaged chronic narcotic medicine.

Medication Sync Program

When you use OMC's Medication Sync Program, you can get all of your medications on the same day every month. This means you won't have to worry about running out of medicine. You can also choose to review your medications monthly during a call with a pharmacist.

Free Weekday Courier Delivery

Get free delivery Monday through Friday when you live within Rochester, Minnesota, city limits.

Prescription Delivery by Mail

You can have your prescription(s) mailed to your home by the U.S. Postal Service for no extra charge when you live in the state of Minnesota.

To sign up for medication delivery:

  • Allow seven to ten business days for mail delivery. 
  • Provide a valid credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) for payment.

Is Medication Delivery Right for Me?

You may benefit from mail-delivery service for long-term maintenance prescription drugs. By law, OMC’s pharmacies cannot accept returns of prescription medications for credit or reuse.