Laser Vein Treatment & Hair Removal

Turn to Olmsted Medical Center for gentle, noninvasive procedures to remove unwanted hair or the appearance of visible veins in your legs or face.

Treatment for Spider Veins

Take advantage of nonsurgical procedures to diminish the appearance of spider veins. Your doctor can help you choose the right treatment for your vein size, skin type, and medical status. Both treatments use light as a method to heat and damage your veins, causing them to shrink, fade and eventually disappear. Varicose veins may be a symptom of a serious vascular disorder. Treatment for this condition is provided by OMC's General Surgery department.

  • Intense pulsed light (IPL) uses a spectrum of pulsed light to treat spider veins on your face.
  • Laser therapy uses a concentrated, single frequency of light to treat medium-fine spider veins on your leg.

For the best results, you may need multiple treatments, usually in six-week intervals. Follow your doctor’s instructions for post-procedure recovery. Wear support hose, avoid hot baths, and refrain from vigorous activity as directed.

Watch a short animated video describing vein treatments.

Gentle, Effective Hair Removal

Safely, gently remove unwanted hair from your face and body using intense pulsed light (IPL). This technology uses high-powered light containing multiple wavelengths to damage your hair follicle and hinder regrowth. Useful on most skin tones, the procedure also is ideal for sensitive areas. Because IPL works only on hair that’s in the active growth stage, you’ll need four to six treatments to achieve best results.

Intense Pulsed Light hair removal before/after image

Before (left) and after (right) IPL hair removal.