Our Services

OMC’s podiatry services include diagnosis and treatment of:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Bunions, corns, and calluses
  • Diabetic neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease of the foot 
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Fungal nails
  • Fractures and trauma (below ankle)
  • Hammertoe (downward curling of toes)
  • Fallen arches
  • Flatfeet
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Pigeon toes and other pediatric podiatric concerns
  • Foot, ankle, and heel pain 
  • Bone spurs
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Ulcers, pressure sores, and wounds

Patients can self-refer to OMC’s podiatry services; appointments are typically available within a few days.