Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathologists (often called speech therapists or SLPs) help people of all ages develop or restore their skills in various areas of communication, thinking, and swallowing. At your initial appointment we will complete a thorough assessment of the problem and work together to create your personal therapy program.

Speech, language, and other communication problems in adults can result from various causes. They include brain injury, stroke, and diseases that affect the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. They can also stem from breathing problems, cancers in the head and/or neck region, and voice damage.

Speech therapy for children typically addresses difficulties and delays in speech and speech sound production, language expression and comprehension, verbal communication difficulties related to hearing loss, stuttering, and voice.

Dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, is another common side effect of numerous conditions in adults and children. Speech-language pathologists work with their clients to complete comprehensive evaluation of swallowing and develop an individually tailored program for swallow restoration or compensation. Difficulties related to feeding skills or sensory aversions to foods may be addressed by speech pathology or occupational therapy.

SLP Services

Our licensed and American Speech-language Hearing Association (ASHA) certified speech-language pathologists have extended experience and training in evaluating and treating communication and swallowing related conditions in the following areas:

  • Acquired speech/language impairment in adulthood
  • Augmentative and alternative communication modalities
  • Childhood speech/language delay
  • Cognitive-linguistic difficulties
  • Cognitive loss (attention, memory, reasoning, thought processing, planning, organizing)
  • Difficulty understanding or expressing oneself (aphasia)
  • Impaired speech (dysarthria or apraxia)
  • Memory issues
  • Parkinson’s disease or other neurological conditions
  • Stuttering
  • Swallowing disorders/difficulty (dysphagia)
  • Traumatic brain Injury/Post Concussion
  • Vocal cord dysfunction/paradoxical vocal fold motion
  • Voice disorders and therapy

Outpatient speech-language pathology services are provided at Elton Hills. We are available to provide assessment and therapy to our hospitalized inpatients as needed.