Our Services

OMC provides two types of social services: Medical social services and clinical social services. While they are different, both help people improve their living conditions and lead more productive lives.

Medical Social Services

Our medical social services are free of charge and available to anyone, whether an OMC patient or not.

Licensed social workers (LSW) provide medical social services that connect people to community resources and assist hospitalized patients.

Most services are available to anyone in the community and are free of charge. The services requested most often to assist individuals include:

  • Community resource planning and coordination
  • Home health services
  • Transportation
  • Financial assistance
  • Education resources
  • Advance care planning (advance directives and providers order for life-sustaining treatment)
  • Adolescent supportive counseling (e.g., unplanned pregnancy, birth control)
  • Issues associated with homelessness
  • Independent living skills.

When necessary, some services are available via phone visits.

In addition to these services, OMC’s medical social services coordinates:

  • Spiritual care program—ensures the spiritual and religious needs of patients and their families are met during their hospital stay.
  • Safe cell program—provides free cell phones for those who may need emergency assistance.
  • Organ donation awareness—educates patients and the community about becoming organ and tissue donors.
  • Discharge planning—assists hospitalized patients with their transfer to a care facility, or in making a smooth transition back to self-care at home.

Clinical Social Services

Our clinical social services are fee-for-service and available only to OMC patients.

Licensed independent clinical social workers (LICSW) assess, diagnose, and treat mental health concerns. They also help people cope with individual and family problems such as serious illness, substance abuse, and domestic conflict. Only existing OMC patients have access to clinical social services.

There is a fee for these in-clinic services:

  • Mental health assessments
  • Counseling
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Psychotherapy (a series of techniques for treating mental health and
    emotional disorders).

OMC’s clinical social services are available via telehealth from some branch clinics and nursing home facilities.

Patients can self-refer or may be referred by a clinician.