Baseball & Softball Instruction

Give yourself a competitive advantage in baseball and softball with specialized training. Build skills with help from experienced baseball and softball coaches at Olmsted Medical Center (OMC).

One-On-One Training

Access personalized baseball and softball lessons for hitting, pitching, and position players during one-on-one sessions for athletes of any age. Whether you want to learn to play the game or increase your skills, personal lessons can help.

Excellent Facility & Equipment

Personal baseball and softball lessons take place at the OMC Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance (SMAP) facility. The facility offers:

  • 96 feet of artificial turf
  • Hitting tees
  • Large multipurpose room for space to play catch or long toss
  • Two 45-foot batting cages
  • Two baseball pitching mounds
  • Wiffle balls

Training Packages

Create your own training package that combines one-on-one training with other OMC programs, including:

Learn to Throw

Olmsted Medical Center (OMC)'s program for baseball and softball throwing focuses on your body's movements. This means you'll reduce stress on your body and prevent potential injuries while improving your throw.

Expert Throwing Evaluation

An OMC throwing specialist will check your body mechanics and do a physical movement screen with 2-D video analysis to evaluate how you throw. Then, you'll work together to fix any problems and increase your:

  • Balance
  • Body awareness
  • Coordination
  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Strength

One-on-One Training to Throw

Your instructor will design a customized fitness program to help you improve. Work towards:

  • Better, more efficient throwing motion
  • Faster speed
  • Improved and more consistent ball placement
  • Increase love of the game
  • Injury prevention

During follow-up sessions, your trainer will track your progress, make changes to your training based on your performance, and give you exercises.

Softball & Baseball Training Options

OMC offers a variety of training packages to meet your unique needs:

  • Hitting or throwing evaluation for baseball and softball athletes of all ages. This package is made up of two 90-minute sessions that should be held a minimum of one week apart. There are no prerequisites. 
  • One-on-one hitting performance training that targets hitting and swinging. Training is based on your skills and goals. The program is open to all ages and groups of one or two people who get training during one 60-minute session.
  • One-on-one pitching instruction increases strength and flexibility. It also teaches proper arm and body movement techniques, specific types of pitches, placement, and strategy. This one-hour program is open to all ages. 
  • One-on-one position coaching teaches athletes of all ages the fundamentals of middle infield, outfield, catcher, and other positions. During an hourlong session, training will help one or two athletes increase strength and flexibility, give instruction on proper technique of arm and body motions, offer fixes for common problems, and share instructions for your specific position. 
  • One-on-one position & hitting performance training gives athletes of any age position and hitting instruction during one 90-minute session. The program offers information about arm and body motion techniques, fixes for common problems, position-specific training, and swinging and hitting techniques. 

Combine with a Throwing Evaluation 

If you register for one-on-one hitting, position coaching, or position and hitting performance training, add the option of using a digital video to check your throwing movements. When you combine these services, enjoy a 15 percent discount.

Batting Cage Rental

Practice hitting year-round when you rent a batting cage as an individual or group. An OMC coach will run the pitching machine. For athletes under the age of 18, a parent, guardian, or coach must be present.

Cage rental packages are also available. More than 10 athletes in one session costs an additional charge of $5 per player.

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