Strength, Cardio, & Fitness Programs

Image of weight room and trainersImprove your strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health at the Sports Medicine & Athletic Performance (SMAP) facility at Olmsted Medical Center (OMC).

During group classes, you'll benefit from one-on-one attention from trainers while you bond with peers who offer encouragement and motivation.

Classes & Events

View a full list of upcoming classes and programs and whether they're open to the public in our online scheduling system, MindBody. Enjoy the flexibility to come and go when you choose a class that's "open," or sign up online for all other programs.  

Class Duration

All group classes are 30 to 60 minutes per session unless otherwise noted in MindBody.

Group Fitness

Open Express

Circuit Training uses stations of body weight exercises, resistance equipment, cardiovascular equipment, and some free weights. It's a great class for those new to fitness and will challenge even those who have experience.

Cardio & Strength Workouts

Circuit Training

Move through stations of body weight exercises, resistance equipment, cardiovascular equipment, and some free weights.

Mind & Body Classes

Lunchtime Flow Yoga

Bring your friends and have flow yoga for lunch! An efficient and energetic practice over the noon hour to get the blood flowing and settle your mind. This class offers a variety of yoga postures and a break in the day. Wind down from your week or windup for your weekend. Offered Tuesdays and Fridays at noon.

Slow Flow Yoga

Engaging mindfulness. Slow Flow Yoga seeks to unite the breath and body. This class is a combination of vinyasa flow, movements linked with breath, as well as poses to help maintain posture for a number of minutes. These practices can stand alone or be joined together. Slow Flow practice includes both vinyasa flow to warm up the body and longer holds to stretch connective tissues, resulting in a balanced practice. Come and experience the power of your breath in both stillness and movement.

Flow Yoga

Integrating movement and breath, this class is aimed at the beginners and regular practitioners. Yoga Flow emphasizes integrating mind, body, spirit, and breath–all within a playful, safe environment. Together, we come into the breath and quiet the mind as we find steadiness in asana (poses). Beginning and intermediate poses will be explored in this dynamic yoga class. Modifications are given allowing the students to choose a more beginning or more advanced practice according to their needs. Meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises) are included in each session. Prompts for guided visualization and mantra may be offered.

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