Telemedicine and Telehealth

OMC understands that telemedicine (practicing medicine at a distance) and telehealth (remote healthcare delivery) are tools that in certain circumstances can provide exceptional patient care more conveniently and affordably.

Technology has enabled OMC to provide healthcare services to patients who otherwise might not be able to receive care—or do so without considerable inconvenience. “Televisits” and “tele-exams” are a way of the future for OMC healthcare delivery.  

Using webcam technology and high-resolution imaging, OMC successfully has delivered hundreds of telehealth experiences with high patient satisfaction. Reducing required travel, offering access to specialists, and delivering healthcare to those who are immobile are just a few of the benefits.

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Interested in using the telehealth services offered by Olmsted Medical Center? After reviewing our services and FAQs, talk with your healthcare provider to see if telehealth appointments are an option for you.