Frequently Asked Questions

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What is telehealth?

Telehealth combines television monitors, the Internet, and telephone service to offer personal healthcare consultations.

How does telehealth and telemedicine work at OMC?

Telehealth lets you receive specialty care at your home OMC clinic. Telemedicine enables a healthcare provider to practice medicine remotely, reducing travel time and increasing time spent with patients. Both you and your healthcare provider see and hear things as they happen.

Are telehealth and telemedicine secure?

Yes. Both the picture and sound are secure, so all information is private and confidential.

Do I need to know how to work a computer to participate in telehealth?

No. Your clinic's caregivers will check you in, prepare you for the visit, and stay with you to ensure the equipment is configured and working. The only difference between a regular clinic visit and a televisit is that it happens through a screen and not in person.

Can someone join me for the telehealth visit?

Yes. Just as with any clinic visit, a family member or friend is welcome to join you.

What if I need a physical exam?

If necessary, your local nurse can perform an exam. This may include special equipment so the physician or specialist can see and hear the exam. At all times, your privacy is respected.

How much do telehealth visits cost?

Medicare and other health plans often cover telehealth. To help determine coverage, call the OMC business office at 507.287.2780 and your health plan before your televisit.

How do I know if a telehealth visit is right for me?

Talk to your healthcare provider about telehealth. If it’s right for you and available from your primary location, your healthcare team can help arrange a telehealth visit.