Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery

Preparing for weight loss surgery will take several months. The more informed you are with the process before, during, and after the surgery, the more successful you will be.

Informational Session

You need to attend a FREE informational session before scheduling your consultation with the surgeon.  This session will provide information to help you make informed decisions regarding the surgical process.  You will be encouraged to call your insurance company to determine if weight loss surgery is covered under your plan.  For more information on the next informational session, contact the bariatric (weight loss surgery) coordinator at 507.529.6733.

Initial Surgical Consult

At this visit the surgeon will review your medical and weight loss history.  Your weight and height will be measured to determine your BMI and the surgical process will be discussed. At this appointment you will be encouraged to focus on weight loss, nutrition and lifestyle changes to successfully prepare you for surgery. You will receive a binder of information describing each step in the weight-loss surgery program.

Nutrition Visits

You will meet with a registered dietitian to establish healthy behaviors for successful outcomes before and after surgery. Our program requires 6 consecutive monthly visits with the dietitian before surgery.  At each visit, we discuss goal setting and topics to prepare you for surgery and life after.

Psychology Evaluation

You will meet with the psychologist shortly after you enter the weight loss surgery program for an initial consult and evaluation. There may be certain conditions you must work through before you would be approved for surgery. The psychologist will work with you to help you meet your goals before surgery.  The psychologist will see you right before surgery and after your surgical procedure. Our goal is to make sure you get the care and treatment needed to be successful in surgery and life.

Bariatrician/Endocrinology Visit

You will meet with a provider who is specially trained in issues involved with losing weight. They will review all of your health records and decide if you need medication changes, labs, or other tests before surgery. The purpose of this visit is to make sure you do not have any medical problems that may affect your ability to have surgery.

Cardiology/Sleep Medicine/Other Consultations

These consults are not needed for every patient. If your surgeon recommends a consult, our office will help you schedule them.

Approval for Surgery

Once you have completed all program expectations and insurance requirements, you will schedule an appointment with the surgeon to complete all necessary paperwork for surgery. The paperwork will be submitted to your insurance company for approval. Once approved, your surgery will be scheduled.