Notices and Disclaimers

  • This hospital-based clinic charges a facility fee. For more information, please contact OMC’s Business Office at 507.287.2780.
  • OMC's current fee for COVID testing is $99.
  • Beginning July 1, 2019, new Minnesota laws require clinics and health systems to post their top charges and the price of those charges. Patients should contact the Olmsted Medical Center directly for any further details at 507.287.2780. View OMC's Top charges.
  • 2022 CMS Hospital Pricing File—Beginning January 1, 2019, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are requiring hospitals and health systems to post their “current, standard charges.”
  • Patient/Guest Estimate— Use this site to get an estimate of what you may be charged. This does not represent a guarantee. The actual charges are based on the services performed and may be higher or lower than this estimate.
  • Patient privacy—Learn about our dedication to protecting our patients' privacy, rights, and safety.
  • Patients' bill of rights—Learn about your rights as an OMC patient.
  • Smoke-free environment—Olmsted Medical Center was the first clinic in Minnesota to establish a non-smoking campus. Smoking, or any other use of tobacco, in or near OMC-owned buildings and parking lots, is prohibited.
  • Online service agreement—View the terms and conditions that govern your use of this website.
  • Diversity at Olmsted Medical Center—Olmsted Medical Center is committed to serving patients of all backgrounds and providing equal opportunities for all OMC caregivers who serve our patients.
  • PreferredOne Transparency in Coverage Rule – Note: information shared by following PreferredOne’s link is only for individuals under OMC’s employee health insurance plan. The Transparency in Coverage Rule requires public disclosure of negotiated in-network provider rates and out-of-network allowed amount and bill charges for items and services covered by a health plan/policy.
  • MIIC Opt Out About MIIC
    The Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) is a statewide information system that electronically stores immunization (vaccination) records patient receive in Minnesota. Having information stored in a centralized database, such as MIIC, means that a patient’s vaccination records are stored in one electronic file, even if they were received at different locations in the state. This helps ensure that Minnesotan receive the right vaccine at the right time. For example, if an individual had a Tdap vaccination (tetanus shot) from a care provider in the Twin Cities a few years ago and a COVID-19 or flu vaccination last week from OMC, both vaccinations would be available for the patient’s OMC provider to review at the time of their appointment.

    Patient privacy
    To ensure the privacy of all Minnesota patients, MIIC is password-protected and only accessible by authorized users as specified in law. The data in MIIC is classified as private and protected by the Minnesota Immunization Data Sharing Law, Minnesota Statutes, Section 144.3351. Organizations participating in MIIC, such as OMC, must sign a user agreement that outlines the privacy and security terms for authorized users.

    Option to opt out
    Everyone with immunization information stored in MIIC has a right to know that their information is in MIIC, who has access to it, for what purposes, and what to do if they have questions. They also have the right to opt out of participating in MIIC.

    An individual may decide to opt-out of participating in MIIC. If you would like to opt out of MIIC, you will need to complete the MIIC Privacy Setting Change Request on their website (

    Questions? If you have questions about MIIC, contact the MIIC Help Desk at