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Autumn 2015


  • OMC Hospital Campus Expansion is Complete
  • Map and Hours of OMC Hospital Entrances
  • Keeping Scheduled Appointments
  • 5 Dangerous Diseases That Could Return—and How to Avoid Them
  • The New Family Norm: Fathers Feel the Pressure
  • Introducing MyOMC Patient Portal 2.0
  • BirthCenter Virtual Tour
  • Get Your Protein from Plants
  • Example Menu: Getting 60 Grams of Protein from Non-animal Products in One Day


Summer 2015


  • Too Embarrassed to Talk with Your Provider?
  • In Memoriam—Dr. Harold (Hal) A. Wente
  • Five Reasons to Take Sleep Seriously
  • Welcome to Café 49!
  • Mystery Shoppers Wanted!
  • Right Food = Good Mood
  • Recipe: Lemon-Walnut Green Beans

Spring 2015


  • OMC Hospital Campus Evolution Continues
  • Map: Hospital Entrance Locations and Times
  • Infographic: A Healthier Heart by the Numbers
  • Meet Some of Our Hospital's Friendly Faces
  • Awards and Honors in 2014
  • Need Help Managing Meds?
  • Simplifying Appointment Start Times
  • Recipe: Red Hot Fusilli