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Summer 2017:

UPDATE from Public Works (Aug. 3, 2017):

Travel patterns for the 55th Street NW Reconstruction Project will be changing on Friday, August 4. The roadway will be reopened to two-way traffic along the new roadway alignment. This means that anyone wishing to travel along 55th Street towards 50th Avenue NW will be required to utilize the new intersection at Members Parkway NW (near Think Bank). The contractor will begin working on Fairway Place between Fairway Drive and the new 55th Street NW which will require anyone in the Fairway Drive neighborhood to still access 55th Street from the old roadway alignment. All prior detours will be removed from the project. The contractor will be focusing on the completion of the new Fairway Place NW between Fairway Drive and 55th Street NW. Once that is complete, the Fairway Drive access will be along Fairway Place and the existing connection to West Circle Drive will be closed and turned into a cul-de-sac. The next traffic shift is expected to occur within the next 2-3 weeks.

Construction project on 55th Street NW will impact NW Clinic and Sport Medicine and Athletic Performance


Construction on 55th Street NW resumes the week of April 10 and will impact travel for patients and employees who will travel east from the NW Clinic. This season’s construction on 55th Street NW will take place from West Circle Drive NW to 50th Avenue NW and will limit traffic to westbound travel only. The ability to travel eastbound on 55th Street NW traffic will be closed just past the 44th Avenue NW signal. Patients and staff traveling east from the Rochester NW Clinic or Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance to West Circle Drive will need to take a different route.

The road will remain open in both directions on the segment between 44th Avenue NW and 50th Avenue NW as that section was completed in 2016.

Traffic impacts are scheduled to begin the week of April 17, dependent on weather. The anticipated completion date is September 1, 2017.

55th Street Construction Map