Introducing: OMC MyChart, our new patient portal

OMC MyChart imageOlmsted Medical Center is pleased to let you know that we have a new, improved portal called OMC MyChart. It looks different than the old portal and offers many more features. The portal is part of Olmsted Medical Center’s (OMC) transition to Epic Systems, our new electronic medical record and revenue cycle (bill pay) system.

With OMC MyChart, you will find many features including:

  • Ability to request or cancel an appointment a
  • Ability in Family Medicine and Internal Medicine to schedule an appointment with a provider you have previously seen (since October 2018)
  • Send and receive secure messages between you and your healthcare team
  • View a family member's health record using a proxy access through OMC MyChart
  • View health information from your visits
  • View your appointment itinerary
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Use OMC eCare to request an Epic E-Visit for treatment of many common and minor illnesses
  • Manage health information from other healthcare organizations that use MyChart

You will be able to view laboratory, radiology, and other test results. All results will be released your OMC MyChart account immediately with the following exceptions: pathology, advanced imaging (nuclear scans, OB ultrasounds, MRI, and CT), and certain tests such as for Lyme disease and HIV. These results will be sent to your OMC MyChart after five (5) business days. The delay is in place to allow time for your provider to review your results and call you before they are placed in your OMC MyChart.

Do you want to sign up?

To sign up, type and click on the “sign up now” button in the “new user” box on the right side of your screen. Here is a short instruction sheet on how to sign up.

If you have a child between the ages of 13-17 who would like to set up their own account, please complete the OMC MyChart Teen Account Request form. Please note, this form must be signed by both the parent/legal guardian and the teenage child.

Do you want to pay your bill online?

OMC MyChart offers a convenient way to pay your bill, update insurance information, and ask questions about your bill. You will also be able to view itemized bills, statements, and payment summaries.

If you have previously used OMC’s online bill pay, you will see a few changes. The most significant change: all services for the clinic and the hospital will be billed on one statement. You will not need to use a separate payment portal.

It’s important to know that there will be a cross-over time where you may receive up to three statements per month until you pay off balances for charges incurred at the hospital and clinics before September 29.

Here’s how the payment portal will work:

  • For any services prior to September 29, 2018, you will need to continue to use your OMC’s payment portal at, using your current name and password to log in.
  • For services received on or after September 29, 2018, you will need to use your OMC MyChart account if you would like to pay your bill online.

To view your bill or to pay online, simply log into your OMC MyChart account, click on the “Billing” icon at the top of the screen, and then click on “Account Payment.” You will be able to securely make credit card payments through your OMC MyChart account.