Proxy Access

Other people will not be able to see your MyChart information unless they are granted permission; this is called a proxy. Proxy access allows for an individual to have access to another individual’s OMC MyChart record.

Proxy access is granted to:

  • a person upon the designation and authorization of another adult OMC MyChart account holder. There are three proxy designation options:

1. view record, send messages, and schedule appointments (full access)
2. send messages and schedule appointments
3. view record only.

  • those with parental rights or legal guardianship for minors (0-17)
  • those who are authorized representatives of an adult (only to the extent that the person requesting proxy access can demonstrate the legal right to the other person’s medical information).

MyChart Proxy Access for Parents and Legal Guardians:

Parents and legal guardians can connect to their children’s MyChart account if their child is between the ages of birth and 17 years old. After the age of 12, Proxy access is limited unless full access is granted by the parent/legal guardian and teen child.

All Proxy Access requires forms to be completed

Proxy access can only be set up once the documents are received by OMC, and cannot be done over the phone or online. Once the documents are received by OMC, the change will take effect in 7-10 business days.

OMC MyChart Proxy Access for Patients

(Click below to see a PDF and learn which forms you will need to fill out.)

Image for Proxy Access

Forms for Requesting Proxy Access