Billing Policy

Payment for co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance and non-covered services is expected at the time of service. Olmsted Medical Center will file claims to your insurance once complete information is provided. Please note: Insurance verification and pre-certification do not guarantee payment. Contact your insurance company for specific coverage information.

Self-Pay: We request payment in full at the time of service. If payment is not made on the day of service, you will receive a bill that requires payment in full.

Price Estimates: It is difficult to quote an exact price for medical services because each patient receives care tailored to his or her individual needs. We will quote a price range with the understanding that the quote is only an estimate. We try to identify high-cost services before you experience them. Whenever possible, we will inform you of your estimated financial responsibility for your procedure or service to assist you in planning for your financial obligation.

Provider-based Billing Disclosure for Medicare Patients

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have designated Olmsted Medical Center (OMC) healthcare providers as “Provider-based.” Olmsted Medical Center clinics will be considered as outpatient hospital departments. Here's how this designation affects Medicare patients:

Billing Process

  • Medicare requires that Provider-based healthcare services be billed in two parts:
    • Facility fee—filed to Part A Medicare
    • Healthcare provider fee—filed to Part B Medicare 
  • The total cost of both charges for Medicare patients will not exceed charges incurred by other non-Medicare patients receiving the same services. 
  • Medicare patients will receive two Medicare Summary Notices (MSNs) for services provided at Olmsted Medical Center’s clinics. 
  • Both services will appear on our OMC clinic billing statement.

Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Questions

  • As a participating Medicare provider, OMC will be required to ask our Medicare patients the MSP questions. These questions are designed to determine if any other insurance should pay before Medicare.
  • These MSP questions will be asked during registration prior to every appointment.

More Information

  • If you have questions or concerns regarding provider-based billing, please call our business office at 507.287.2780 or 866.287.2780.