Patient and Family Advisory Council

Patients and their family members are at the center of the healthcare delivery system at Olmsted Medical Center (OMC).

Patient and family advisors provide a voice that represents all patients and families of patients who receive care at OMC. Through the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), they partner with our healthcare providers, nurses, and administrators to help improve the quality of OMC’s care for our community.

Members of PFAC provide patient and family perspectives on the development and implementation of programs, policies, and practice standards to help provide the best patient experience. They serve as a "voice" for patients and families of patients who receive care at OMC.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council will work to:

  • collaborate with OMC leadership to improve the quality of care and safety provided to patients and their families in all inpatient and outpatient settings;
  • partner with clinical and support staff of OMC to promote the principles of Patient and Family Engagement (PFE) and educate staff regarding PFE;
  • advise OMC on ways to improve patient and family satisfaction as requested;
  • offer recommendations to key committees related to patient care as requested;
  • advise OMC leadership in policy-making as well as planning and evaluating services, programs, policies, teaching materials, and education to healthcare providers;
  • serve as an advocacy group to OMC customers, including patients and family members;
  • coordinate initiatives to secure patient and family input including surveys and focus groups regarding organizational topics and clinical service lines, and support OMC’s efforts for Customer Focus with the Malcolm Baldrige structure; and
  • promote a positive relationship among OMC, its patients and families, and the community, thereby serving as a vital link between OMC and the community.

The Council welcomes all families and strives to include people with diverse backgrounds in the hope that we will fully represent the large variety of healthcare issues, diagnoses, and cultures of OMC patients and families.

The Council will meet monthly. Meetings are open to anyone who wishes to observe and may be done via conference call with members who are unable to attend in person. The Council realizes that OMC serves a broad geographical area and given that its members may have medical needs or transportation issues, not all members may be able to attend all meetings. Therefore, special considerations are made for members that can best serve the Council by contributing via telephone or by other means of communication.

For information on becoming a patient and family advisor call 507.292.7202.